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We’re Juri and Monica, a couple who like nothing better than taking on large-scale projects - together. 

He’s got the vision and she looks after the details.  


Van Diemen Rise is our momento mori, our second home and a beautiful buffer against the busy world, and now we’re overjoyed to be able to welcome you into it. 


When we’re not spending time on long walks around the property, soaking in the outdoor bath or adding delightful touches to every corner of the cabin, we’re to be found hard at work behind the scenes, putting in the late night hours that make sure we get to where we always love to be - neck deep in some wild and unlikely adventure.



Imagine if, as a teen you visited a place. 


A place of grey rock and mist, dramatic skies and gentle meadows. 

And, at the top of the place, the highest hill - a view. A mountain no one talks about, in a corner of the world no one visits.


It isn’t yours, but you wish it were and as you grew you went back from time to time. Wistfully, looking from afar. 

You got busy with life. You start a business, then another and another and 15 years pass. 


The place changes too; weeds and thistles grow where the earth was disturbed and then left. Projects half done, dreams only partially fulfilled. 


And then one day comes word from a friend. 

It isn’t a good time, you’re too busy! What will you do with it? It’s huge and needs so much work. 

You don’t hesitate. 

You buy it before it hits the open market and every spare day you get you go there and start the slow, painful process of healing the soil, scraping away the years of rubbish, letting light into dark spaces and warmth into cold floor boards. 


A fortune is spent in time, sweat, money and heart and finally, the place is that place again. A world unto itself. 



In sterquiliniis invenitur - In filth it will be found. 

- Alchemical dictum


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Tasmanian Food and Wine Conservatory  

The Tasmanian Food & Wine Conservatory promotes Tasmanian food and wine from all across the state, in particular boutique and small producers. We highly recommend a visit here for breakfast or lunch.

Fundamental Espresso Bar

Some say it's the best coffee in the region, others that it is all about the vibe, we say it's Melbourne-approved, delicious and friendly. Coffee is life!

Lane Way

Laneway is a café with a focus on high quality, organic, local ingredients. Simple food and GOOD coffee. We recommend for breakfast or lunch. 

Southern Wild

Southern Wild Distillery is a premium Tasmanian gin distillery and the home of award-winning Dasher and Fisher Gin.

We recommend a visit for one of their delicious cocktails or gin tasting tour. 

Eat & Drink


Wild Mersey
Mountain Bike Trails

Venture into the wilderness. Take on the peaks and roll the Mersey River flats on over 100 kilometres of mixed-landscape riding perfectly geared for multi-day exploring

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Cradle Mountain is one of Tasmania's premier tourist attractions and only 45 mins away. A visit here is a must!

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Picnic on
the Hill

Fill the picnic basket full of tasty local food and wine. Walk to the top of the hill and watch the sun set across the valley and ever changing mood of Mount Roland.

Drive the
Coast Road

Pick a sunny day and drive the leisurely coastal road from Ulverstone to Penguin. Be sure to stop at the many coves and beaches along the way and have a delicious feed at one of the many hip cafes. 

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  • How do I access the property?
    Van Diemen Rise is located at the end of Hampson Lane. Follow the signs up the hill until you reach the house. The lane and driveway leading to your stay is quite steep in places, but kept in excellent condition and is suitable for any kind of vehicle.
  • Where do I buy groceries and supplies?
    Felons Corner is nestled on 90acres of bushland and meadow and is located approximately 7 minutes from the closest convenience store in the near-by town of Sheffield. This means that it’s important you do a grocery shop before your arrival, though we do of course provide essentials including milk, ground coffee, black and herbal teas, sugar, bottled water and condiments. We highly recommend Hill Street Grocer in Devonport (30min drive) or Latrobe (30min drive) for a gorgeous array of gourmet groceries to enjoy during your stay. Your kitchen amenities include large oven, gas stove top, Japanese pour-over kettle, toaster, full refrigerator (with freezer), pots, pans, oven trays and dishes.
  • Are childeren or pets allowed?
    This listing is not suitable for young children or pets due to the delicate nature of the furnishings.
  • Accessibility
    Access to the house requires one, shallow step plus further steps and a flight of stairs internally so guests with mobility requirements may not find this listing suitable.
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